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Workplace Culture

Culture is a general manifestation of norms, beliefs and values in transmitted patterns of behavior.  Such social constructs dictate the ways that individuals interact. 


In your workplace, informal aspects of the organizational culture may in fact determine the degree of importance that employees assign to their daily tasks.  Perceptions of workplace environment factors (e.g., cognizance of information pertinent to tasks, fairness of job performance evaluations, social equability of interactions, etc.) should constitute primary focal points for management.

Constraints of time limitations, interpersonal bias and/or the lack of appropriate expertise can make it difficult for managerial staff to properly address (or perhaps even detect) all of the different issues that are directly associated with employee relations.  Without a comprehensive understanding of a problem or concern, any related decisions could be flawed, thus jeopardizing worker productivity.

PeopleTek360 aims to alleviate these issues:

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